The Purpose of the Policy on Confidentiality / Protection of Personal Data 


This Policy on Confidentiality / Protection of Personal data explains the following:



Your Personal Data Processed, Purpose of Personal Data Processing and the Justification Thereof


In order to provide its customers with better service and in accordance with the scope its liability that primarily result from the Law Numbered: 5651 on the Regulation of Publications Made Over the Internet and Fight Against Crimes Perpetrated Through Such Publications & the relevant secondary legislation, the Law Numbered: 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Trade, the Turkish Penal Law Numbered: 5237, the Law Numbered: 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and the EU Regulation on General Data Protection (GDPR), Komut Teknolojisi demands your personal data (including but not limited to name, surname, date of birth, cellular phone number, e-mail, address information that indirectly or directly serves for defining the user) from you in order to reach its said purpose and to fulfill its legal obligations.  In order that you can utilize the membership benefits of "Komut Teknolojisi", these personal data will, on the condition to be used for the purpose and scope established by this Policy on Confidentiality & the Protection of Personal Data and the Communication Permit, be processed and kept upon your explicit approval while also taking precautions on information safety.


Communication Permit


By accepting the "Conditions of Use" and this "Policy on Confidentiality & the Protection of Personal Data and the Communication Permit", you are explicitly permitting the collection, processing, usage & transfer of your personal data, which you have shared with us, in order that you can be provided with miscellaneous advantages, and as well as the transmission of all messages for sales, marketing and similar purposes, which permit also includes sharing these data with Komut Teknolojisi for the said purposes. These data shall, and only in the quantities necessary, be shared with 3rd persons, with whom we have contractual relations with, who share our sensitivity about data safety and who comply with the provisions of the relevant legislation, when this is required to provide you with a perfect service , to deliver your potential consignments in a healthy manner, and to timely convey your notifications via telephone, sms and/or email.


Your Rights on Your Personal Data

You can reach your data officer for learning the content of your personal data, whether they are used in line with their purpose of processing, domestic or foreign third parties to whom such data has been conveyed, to change your personal data in case these are missing or wrongly  processed or if you want to change, update and/or delete the same, to demand the notification of this situation to such recipient parties and therefore demand the application of the necessary changes, updates and/or erasures.


Storage Period of Personal Data

As per the Law Numbered: 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Trade, records on the approval, cancellation of approval, contents of commercial electronic message, etcetera shall be brought under record so that they can be submitted to the Ministry when required and shall be stored for a period of 3 years after the approval expires. After this period elapses, your personal data shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymized by our company or upon your demand.    


Use of Cookies


Cookies (www.rentificial.com) are text files that contain small pieces of information that are loaded by your browser when you visit a website and store in your computer, cellular phone or tablet.

In order to provide its visitors with better service and in order to have its visitors & members utilize the benefits of membership, (www.rentificial.com), within the scope of its legal obligations and on the condition not to use outside the scope & purposes that are established by this Policy on Confidentiality/Protection of Confidential Data and Communication Permit, shall collect and process your surfing information, shall share these with third parties and store these in a secure manner.

In order to make presentations specific to you, to submit marketing offers, to identify your preferences and to improve the website contents according to the same, (www.rentificial.com) tracks your surfing information and/or your membership history on the site.  (www.rentificial.com) uses session cookies and permanent cookies in its website and mobile site. The session identity cookie expires when you close your browser. The permanent cookie remains in your hard disk for a long time. By using the instructions given in the "help" file of your browser, you can remove permanent cookies and also reject both session cookies and permanent cookies. You can continue using the website or mobile site even if you reject session cookies or permanent cookies. But you cannot access or have a limited access to all functions of the website or mobile site.



(site name) may also use cookies in order to commission the "Advertisement Technology" so that it can show you advertisements, which it believes may attract your attention while you visit (site name) website, mobile site and/or websites where (www.rentificial.com) advertises. In order to show advertisements special to you, Advertisement Technology uses information on your previous visits to the website/mobile site as well as other websites/mobile sites where (www.rentificial.com) advertises. While it shows advertisements, it may place a third party cookie to your browser so that (www.rentificial.com) can recognize you.


Leaving Membership


If you wish to cancel your permission and no longer wish to receive messages sent to you for campaign presentations or information purposes, you can send an e-mail to info@rentificial.com or clink to the sign-out link included in the message sent or you can notify us by calling the telephone number of our customer services  (+902164272728).


Sharing Personal Data with Authorities


In order to ensure your safety and fulfill its regulatory obligations (in situations like fight against crime and threats against public safety), Komut Teknolojisi may share your personal data about your membership as well as your traffic information such as those about your travels with bodies & institutions that are legally authorized to demand these.


Measures on the Protection of Personal Data


Protection of personal data is a vital issue for Komut Teknolojisi. Komut Teknolojisi takes necessary measures against unauthorized access to personal data and loss, erroneous use, disclosure, modification and destruction of personal data. While it stores personal data, Komut Teknolojisi uses generally recognized standards of safety technology such as firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Your personal data is  encrypted with SSL while you convey it to Komut Teknolojisi over website/mobile site.

Komut Teknolojisi undertakes to keep your personal data, to take all technical & administrative measures for ensuring the confidentiality and safety of your personal data. When personal data is damaged or accessed by third parties because of system attacks despite necessary information safety measures taken by Komut Teknolojisi, Komut Teknolojisi will promptly inform you and the Board of Personal Data Protection about this situation.


Amendments on the Policy on Confidentiality / Protection of Personal Data and Communication Permit


Komut Teknolojisi may always amend this Policy on Confidentiality/Protection of Personal Data and the Communication Permit. Such amends will immediately take effect after the amendments on Policy on Confidentiality / Protection of Personal Data and Communication Permit are published on (site name)'s website. You, our distinguished members, shall be notified as required about the amendments on this Policy on Confidentiality / Protection of Personal Data and Communication Permit.


Governing Law, Competent Courts and Bailiff's Offices

This Policy on Confidentiality / Protection of Personal Data and Communication Permit is subject to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey. Courts and Bailiff's Offices of Istanbul, Anatolia shall be competent in case of conflicts that result from the implementation of this Policy on Confidentiality / Protection of Personal Data and Communication Permit.