Pick Up and Drop Off On Your Phone

Rentificial gives you the opportunity to run your car rental business on your phone. With the Rentificial app you can manage all your pick up and drop off arrangements wherever you are. Completely paperless transactions. Take photos, sign documents and upload them with Rentificial app.

Fully Integrated with Your Website

You can use one of our ready Rent a Car websites to start running your online rent a car business. Rentificial software can easily be integrated to your exisiting rent a car website.

Short Term Rental Management

We know how time consuming it could be to sign contracts and do all paperwork on a busy day. With Rentificial, it only takes a few clicks to complete transactions and customers are ready to go.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is crucial part of car rental business and maintenance costs could be a big headache. Rentifical will monitor your inventory, send you notifications and keep records of every single work done. With Rentificial, you can follow service history of each vehicle.

Inventory Management

With Rentificial, you are always up-to-date. Track your inventory, receive notifications and monitor life cycle of your vehicles.

Online Reservation Management

You can receive reservations on your website, see availability, give quotes and complete transactions whenever and wherever you need!

Integrated Accounting

Rentificial comes with an integrated basic accounting feature. Keep track of your invoices and payments with Rentificial. Your financial is in your own hands!

Insurance Management

You can monitor all your insurance policies, renewal dates and insurance costs with Rentificial.

Traffic Fines Management

Register traffic fines for each vehicle, see history and receive automated notifications. Customers can easily submit fines through Rentificial app.

Detailed Reports and Analytics

Through detailed reports and analytics you can see how profitable your business is and make decisions and plan for the future.